Did you know, your house is built with 90% biodegradable materials such as wood, conglomerates and sheetrock that usually have a limited lifetime.

Todo Integral Home Services GL. extends the useful life of these materials using sealing products. and covers (encapsulated), to preserve their useful life for longer. Giving you much more time to enjoy your home and ensure its value.
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We will issue a Guarantee Certificate to ensure that all our products and services are Eco-Friendly, and you will be living in a healthy-clean Home.
ONE STOP SHOP - An Eco-Friendly Homecare Company

Home Maintenance.

We have conducted studies and surveys in homes showing when they didn’t have regular and adequate cleaning, the owners and tenants develop multiple respiratory problems, skin conditions and traumatic stress, we can extend the useful life of your house using sealing products and covers to preserve their useful life for longer.